Friday, January 2, 2009

The wedding

For those of you who don't already know, the executive pastor of Oasis, Matt Atkinson, married Kristy Collins this past Wednesday. I must say that it was a beautiful wedding. I had the opportunity to be a groomsman, which I must say, I really enjoyed. Normally when I am in a wedding I am officiating and that's a little stressful. Groomsmen just get to hang out and I had a blast. As I was standing up front waiting on the doors to open for the bride to come in, it reminded me of my wedding day when I was waiting so eagerly for my bride to show through the doors. I have such a beautiful wife and I truly do cherish the memories of our wedding day and Matt and Kristy's wedding brought back so many wonderful memories.
Every groom has a wonderful opportunity on his wedding day to understand the heart of God in such a profound way. The church is often described in scripture as the bride of Christ. This past wedding was a great reminder of Christ's deep love for us. We are His bride! In those times when you feel a little unloved, just think about the fact that YOU ARE HIS BRIDE!