Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Sum-up.

Today was the last official day of our Launch team phase. This coming Sunday we will have our first trial set-up. We built pods yesterday and it was a looooong day. For those of you who don't know, Pods are simply storage containers with wheels on them. Everything that we use on Sunday mornings will be stored in Pods during the week and on Sundays we will roll each Pod to it's area, take everything out of the Pod and set everything up. When the service is over we will pack everything back into the Pods and roll them into the trailer where it will stay until the next week. This set-up and tear-down is what we will practice for the next 4 weeks. We have a guest worship leader coming this Sunday and I am very excited about it. The next 4 weeks is a good time for anyone to visit who may want to help us launch. We officially launch August 2nd. We also have a video up on the Website that anyone can take a look at. It's just simply a few words from the hearts of our core group about why they would love to have you join us. Today we talked about what's going to happen over the next 4 weeks and how we need as a core group to have our hearts completely focused on Jesus. At staff meeting tomorrow we will finalize a few more things for launch such as signs and things of that nature. I love you core group. Remember to be spending time with Jesus!

P.S. you can take a look at the video by going to

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Sum-up.

Today was great. We got to use the new screen and projector for the first time. The crew set up the pipe and drape to get measurements again in order to fit the screen in just right. Sarah brought the computer for the first time and did a great job. Matt did awesome with the music, Eric did awesome with the screen and tech stuff, Hick and KG of course handled the pipe and drape and everyone helped clean up afterwards. We have an awesome core staff. In two weeks we'll be having our Pod day and we are really looking forward to it. I'm very excited about it. Pod day is June 27th, Location is still TBA. Sarah just finished the video and she did a fantastic job. We'll be posting it sometime soon. The video, for those of you who don't know, is just a few clips of people in our core group that we hope will inspire others to get involved.

Here are a few thoughts from today.
-God is not concerned with our convenience, He is concerned with the salvation of people.
-If you are a believer, your desire to be convenient has the potential to send people to Hell.
-If you are an unbeliever, your desire to be convenient has the potential to send you to Hell.
-When people tell me that they just need to get some things straight in their life before they get into church what I really hear them saying is "I'm just not ready to give up doing some things that I know are wrong because I love them more than Jesus."
-I wonder how frequently I choose convenience over Jesus? It breaks my heart to start listing.
-If we took a shower as often as we pray, our spiritual lives would smell just like our bodies, and most of us would stink!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday Sum-up.

So I'm sorry for being late on this one. I've been really pushing things to get a tree business going this summer. For those of you who don't know about my tree climbing fetish, it would take time to catch you up... so... anyway. Just a few thoughts from this past Sunday.

-We invest in what we value, and we value what we invest in.
-Try writing down your regular weekly schedule... not what you want it to be, but what it actually is.
-Where do you spend most of your time?
-What comes in second and third?
-Determine what you do because you have to do it... AKA work for some of us.
-I love my work, so I have to pace myself with it.
-Determine why you spend time doing what you do and if you should spend as much time with those things.
-What should you be spending more time doing?
-Jesus invested in us through the cross because He highly values us.
-He paid the ultimate price because He loves us ultimately.
-I really do believe that if more people could honestly evaluate their priorities through the simple exercise of actually writing down where they spend their time. Marriages and families would be saved.
-Notice that I didn't say businesses and bank accounts would be saved.
-Dude, half of all marriages end in divorce.
-Church people don't have any better statistics.
-I wonder where the Devil has a strong hold on us?...
-Umm, Marriages maybe... Just a thought
-How fast can an affair happen?...
-Faster than any of us can conceive...
-The bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so in other words "Be afraid of God". So if we should fear someone as good as God, shouldn't we fear the possibility of infidelity?... I think that we have got to be afraid, because fear will keep our guard up.
-Always be on guard.