Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Sum-up.

This past Sunday we started our new series called "Are You Man Enough?" and it was awesome! But first here are a couple of announcements.

-We will be doing three movies in the park this coming fall. One per month beginning in August. They will be a blast!
-We will be helping with the Homemade Genius festival in Ninety six on September 11th. We will have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. We will be there from 6-9 that Saturday night. We will set up a lounge for all those who are at the festival and will be hanging out and giving away free stuff. It will rock!
-I definitely want to tell you about Communiversity on the campus of Lander. It's an awesome opportunity to let the Lander Students know who we are. We actually picked up Evan last year at this event. He began attending the church after we gave him some toilet paper. He is now our worship leader!
-We need volunteers for each of these events, so if you would like to help, either email the church office or sign up at the guest services table on Sunday. Our ladies at guest services will have more details for you, so don't hesitate to take some questions to them.

-Now for today. I don't know if I can really recap without making you think that I am crazy. so if you read this and you wonder if I'm insane... then please listen to the podcast.

-Today we talked about how we as men are called to love. Yet somehow, we have this idea that real men are incapable of loving.
-I said that there are two things that men need to know about love.
1. It takes a pair... No, not like two people... A pair... you know....
-Seriously, love is risky... It's actually more than risky. When you choose to love you WILL certainly be hurt and it takes some stuff to put yourself out there in love and open yourself up to be injured emotionally.
-The fact is, God was the first one to put Himself out there and love, and he was also the first one to experience a broken heart. He created humanity and all creation and immediately, man sinned against him. After this sin, God had to reconcile the relationship. and this leads us to the next reason that it takes a pair to love with all that you are.
-Love takes sacrifice... Sacrifice is required in love. When Adam and Even sinned against God, they realized their nakedness, they realized their sin. In turn God had to make the first sacrifice of all time. He had to kill animals in order to cloth their nakedness. God shed the first blood of all creation. He had to make the first sacrifice.
2. It takes a man to love!
-In 1 Corinthians Paul talks about love in chapter 13. As a matter of fact, we call this chapter the love chapter. It is a scripture that is frequently read in wedding ceremonies. What I find very interesting is that in this same chapter, Paul talks about putting childish ways behind you and being a man. Guys, it takes a man to love!

There was so very much more that I shared today, if you get a chance, please listen to the podcast... It very well could change your life. The word of God is powerful!