Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sum-up.

Today was pretty awesome!... other than my daughter throwing up on the way to church. Needless to say, Morgan and Campbell had to stay home today. She seems to be feeling better, but she has been sleeping most of the day. The message was straight up honest today. If you have any questions about the Holy Ghost and how He works in our lives, then you need to check out today's podcast and the rest of this 4 week series. Here are a few highlights from today.

-The Holy Spirit is mentioned over 800 times in scripture.
-The second verse of the Bible talks about the Spirit of God.
-There are churches that would refer to themselves as "Spirit Filled" that really weird many Christians out.
-There are also churches who are the exact opposite and would never dare even mention that the Holy Spirit has any authority.
-I believe the more biblical stance is somewhere more in the middle.
-The Holy Spirit is our Counselor, Comforter and so much more!
-Many believers aren't living a spirit filled life because they either aren't aware of the Holy Spirit or simply resist the Holy Spirit.
-You cannot continuously resist the Holy Spirit because eventually you will grieve Him and He may stop pursuing you.
-There are 3 different ways that the Holy Spirit ministers to us.
1. He comforts us.
2. He counsels us.
3. He convicts us.
Do not resist His conviction!

P.S. Next week is going to rock! don't miss it! We also have a series coming up next that is going to be very interesting. It's going to be called "Heterosexual Homophobe" Before you start calling me a heretic, you may need to hear the podcasts. And yes, it will blow church people up!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Past Few Weeks... and next week.

Wow! The past few weeks have been awesome! Since I last blogged we have finished the Are you man enough series and we just wrapped up the are you woman enough series. This past series was so powerful for anyone to listen to, especially for the females. I encourage any female to download all three podcasts and listen to them. I actually only spoke for one week of this past series. The first week we had Carrie Booth come and speak. As a teenager, Carrie dealt with Anorexia and literally almost died. Her testimony is amazing! The Second week I spoke about self confidence and much more. To be honest, I was really worried that I was going to stink it up when I spoke, but God had some amazing truths for our ladies that week. Yesterday, we had Emily Jennings speak. Emily and her husband serve on the campus of NGU and she is very passionate about building real relationships in hope of promoting Christ in the lives of others. I must say that what she had to say will resonate with any female. To get our podcasts, you can just go to and click on the podcast tab, or you can go to iTunes and type in the keyword "ocgreenwood." Check it out!

P.S. Please give us some feedback if our podcasts are making an impact on your life. We love to know when God is using us to impact your lives. Also, the next series coming up is called "The Ghost". We will be talking about the Holy Ghost, how He works in our lives, and what this means for us as believers.