Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this coming sunday

I'm really excited about this Sunday because we will be talking about volunteers. The way we handle volunteers is hugely important to me. I believe that we must highly value them and they need to know that we value them. The reality is that if someone doesn't know that you value them, then it's very likely that you don't value them enough. I love to observe relationships between people, and what I've noticed is that when someone doesn't think that they are valued, often times it's because they are not shown that they are valued. I believe that if we truly do value someone then we will do our best to show them. This Sunday we will talk about valuing volunteers and how we want to show that we value them. This must be a high priority of ours. The reality is that people want to volunteer, but for some reason many people hate volunteering for a church. We will talk about why many people hate volunteering for church and what we need to do shift this existing condition.

P.S. Tomorrow I will blog about a video project that some of our core group helped us with tonight. It was amazing!

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