Saturday, July 25, 2009

The last practice

This Sunday will be the last practice set up. We launch next Sunday and I am very excited! I can't hardly believe it. I don't think that reality has really sunk in just yet. Our Core group has been working very hard and my hope and my prayer is that everything that we have done so far will be part of bringing people to Christ. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. For over a year many of you have been sending in financial support and praying for us... you are amazing people! Over the past couple of weeks there have been many extra donations and much extra prayer. Thank you! We launch August 2nd and the service starts at 10:45am at the YMCA. come early and hang out a little. The whole core group will be there at 7:50 although I don't expect any of you other than the core to be there that early. However, we do have a few friends who are coming in for launch to help out a little. Mike West, a good friend who has always supported us, is coming in from North Carolina. Morgan and I are so excited. The first message series is called "Revolution" and it is a five week series. The series will explain to everyone who attends why we are planting Oasis. Week three will be especially interesting. Again, thank you for yourd support. Be praying that people will meet Jesus through Oasis Church.

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