Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rick Warren

In my experience as a church planter, I've noticed that it is difficult to find Godly pastors who have time to pour into your life. I have two Pastors who have been hugely supportive to me, and to Carl Martin and Phil Keowan I want to say, from the bottom of my heart "thank you." You have had a part in every life that has been and will be touched through Oasis. The other day I had an amazing experience. Rick Warren of Saddleback church began following me on twitter. I thought that it was so cool that he took the time to look up church planters on twitter and that he cares enough to follow people like me, so I sent him a quick note to tell him thank you for caring. I did not expect him to respond, but he did! That's right, Rick Warren of Saddle back church, the Author of Purpose driven life actually took the time to respond! I don't say that because I'm bragging on me, I say that to brag on him. A lot of people can say that they believe in and support church planters, but few people, especially people of his status actually prove it on such a personal level. Thank you Rick for being and encouragement. It came at a much needed time! Thank you God for Calling Godly men Like Rick!

Hey Oasis, This is Rick Warren's message for Oasis Church, word for word.

"Curt, we're in this together man.Tell your church we're partners in ministry &that I asked you to tell them I prayed 4 u & them! rick"

What an amazing dude!
JESUS get's the glory for that one!!!!!

P.S. Clay, this mid week post was for you man!

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