Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Sum-up.

Today was awesome! The volunteers did an amazing Job. We had a lot of people out sick and EVERYTHING still got done. You guys rock!
Here are a few thoughts from the day.

-I LOVE to see people excited about church!

-Pansy Christianity has got to stop!

-The YMCA is doing a fantastic job with the renovations.

-Jesus matters far more than any of our agendas, including my own.

From John 9:6-12
-There are four things that you need to know about for when God wants to do something amazing in your life.
#1. Many times you will FEEL like God is spitting in your face.
#2. God will ask you to do some RIDICULOUS things.
#3. God will place the right people around you at the right time.
-Is He calling you to help someone do something ridiculous today?
#4. God will ask you to follow Him blindly before He gives you sight.

-Today, my son on his very own, suggested ways to reach out to other children and get them into church! AMAZING!

-I wonder if Jesus actually hocked a loogey.... How do you actually spell loogey....?

-Jesus loves you!

-Please invite your friends over the next couple of weeks. Help them to see what God wants to do through their pain.

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