Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Blog (Eric Hawthorne)

This weeks guest blogger is Eric Hawthorne. Eric is our creative pastor and I must say that he does a fantastic job! Thanks Eric for all that you do and for your passion for Jesus!

I find it odd that Curt would ask me to be a guest blogger because I have my own blog to contend with. But, since I never blog there, why not blog here. That kind of sounds like a Dr. Suess Book.

A few weeks ago, Johnna and I were riding with some good friends to a Clemson football game and I was asked a deep and profound question. "What's so good about the iphone?". Well rather than answer this question in this blog posting, allow me to share with you what I realize looking back on the conversation. I have recognized that I have become an advocate for products and services among my friends and family. There is nothing new about this concept, some call it word of mouth and others call it bragging. If you pair my love for all things Apple with my passion for consulting others about the latest technologies, I would say I have a pretty powerful testimony. It doesn’t stop with the iPhone either. I recently found myself proclaiming Kasasa Checking the best investment since gold. Even while I write this, I fight the urge to explain what Kasasa checking is and how it works. The question I'd like to pose is simply this; what are you an advocate for? Or better yet, who are you an advocate for?

If you know Jesus, then you should be spreading the word of Christ. Not just saying; "hey, Jesus is awesome", but rather being passionate about God's word as though you believe in what you're doing in your life. You should be unable to stop talking about his grace, mercy, and love. So much that people around you actually see how amazing Jesus is -> to be quite possibly so convincing that others believe in your product, your service, your savior.

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