Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Sum-up.

"You can be a christian with out being a fanatic." Really?! Seriously? I've heard this statement before, and every time that I hear someone say it, it gives me chills. Why is it okay to be fanatical about something as long as it doesn't have eternal significance? Perfect example... Sports. Now I love painting my entire body orange or garnet just as much as the next guy, but let's face it, most all of us have an easier time with fanatical behavior at a sports event than in our morals, actions and beliefs. Today was our second week in our practical atheist series. A practical Atheist is someone who says that they believe in God, but they live as though He does not exist. Here are a few thoughts from today. The basic mindset that we sought to challenge is "Hey, you can love Jesus without going crazy about it."


-Christians have a distinct ability to make God want to puke.

-Jesus gave everything for us, but we don't want to give much of anything to Him.

-When it comes to Jesus, here are a few things that we are stingy with; time, money, possessions, family, relationships and much much more.

-Lukewarm Christianity is an oxymoron.

-Yes, I did say nipple today in the message...Sorry, I didn't know that it is a "bad word."

-Listen to the podcast from today, I feel sure that it will challenge you. and click on podcast.

-Our volunteers are AMAZING!

-I don't really think that nipple is a bad word.

-People's lives are being changed because there are people in Oasis church who choose to love!

-I'm so looking forward to this weeks guest blogger. One Miss Meredith Haynie.

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