Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Over the last few days I haven't really been able to watch much of the Olympics due to the fact that we had our cable turned off to prepare for what is to come financially. However, I have caught a little here and there. Something that I noticed in every event was that no matter how bad things would get in any of the team competitions, the team would always be there to encourage each other. One particular event where I really noticed this taking place was in the beach volleyball games. As I watched a little, I saw the Americans lose a significant lead over the team that they were playing...I don't remember who it was, but they were foreign...Anyway, what really struck me was how the same teamate kept making mistakes over and over. There is no telling how many years those two guys had been playing volleyball, hoping to play for a gold medal in the Olympics one day. Yet, no matter how bad the one guy did, his teammate was always positive to him, always giving him highfives and shaking his head yea, as if to say that's okay.
As we plant this church, my hope is that we as a staff and as a core team will always move forward toward the goal, no matter what we face, no matter how many mistakes we make. I'm not saying that we just want to go out and make a bunch of mistakes and hope for the best. What I am saying is that I want us to give it as much as we have and fight for the gold, but even if we go down in flames, we go down in flames a team.
While I was trying to get some stuff done today, the boys were watching Narnia. I love Narnia, it is an awesome movie. One of the greatest parts is where Peter looks at the guy beside him just before they are about to run into battle, you know, the guy who is part horse...anyway...they are about to run into battle, and Peter looks at the horse dude and says "Are you with me?" and the horse dude looks at Peter and says "To the death." Wow, what a statement. So what about it team,...Are you in this? Are you with me?


  1. hanging on's a wild ride!

  2. for some reason this blog reminds me of Braveheart. so we may want to moon the enemy before running into battle! Yeah!
    love ya curt!

  3. Following God, every step of the way!