Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What?! #7

I really feel that I must conclude the What?! series of blogs, so this will be the last one.
In planting this church I have heard some really crazy things about what people are wondering about Oasis. I've even heard that we have been called a cult, which is a very serious accusation to level against a church. Please, before any of you ever say that about Oasis church or any other church for that matter, please remember that you will have to stand before God and answer for it. What I want to share with you today is the simple fact that I believe in Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Lord and the only way anyone can get to heaven is to place their faith in Him and the sacrifice that He made on the cross. I do not think that anyone can get to heaven by just being a good person, or even by being a really great person. Christ truly is the only hope that we have as human beings. My desire is to see people in Greenwood come to know Christ. Ever since I came to know Christ, I have been part of a Southern Baptist church and currently my theology still lines up with the SBC. In saying that about the SBC you also need to know that I also believe that in heaven we will be worshiping right alongside people from many other denominations. As a youth pastor I always had and still do have really great relationships with Youth pastors in other denominations. As a pastor, I hope to have significant relationships with pastors who are not affiliated with the SBC. I believe in Christ, I believe His death on the cross is the only hope that we have.
To be honest, I have been amazed at how quick people seem to doubt me. My intention with the next few statements is not to brag, but just to be honest about how I feel. For three and a half years I served at Harris with integrity and passion. I think that if you ask anyone at Harris about my time there, they would be glad to affirm that I served there with integrity as far as they know. I really enjoyed the time that I spent at Harris and it was very very hard to make the decision to leave there. I have served in every area of my life with much integrity, and yet it seems like that means nothing to anyone. I really need those who know my character to stand up and defend me. I'm hurt by how I've been doubted. I have never given anyone any reason to doubt me and my love for Christ. I am hurt more than anything by the way my wife has been treated. She has had things said to her that no one should ever have said to them. I am utterly amazed at how quick people will abandon others. Do what is right! Stand up and defend me if you know me! If you don't know me, then don't speak up. If you hate my guts, then I'm sorry for anything that I ever did to you. I'd love for you to tell me what I did so that I can apologize. I love Christ and I want to see people come to know Christ, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with people following the call that God has placed on their lives. Will we make some mistakes following that call? Yes. Does that negate the call?....NO. I'm willing to admit that I have made some mistakes, but God is still calling me to plant this church, and that's what I'm going to do.


  1. i know your character and i know your heart. i love saying "i told you so" :) and i knew God had something extra planned for you and it's such a blessing to get to be a part of it and watch God show out! hang in there. just keep following God. when our prayers are for nothing but for the Kingdom of God to grow and for God to be glorified, some awesome stuff starts happening. we are praying for you! we love you.

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  3. Hey Andrea, your future personal attacks on my family can be sent to web@ocgreenwood.com. or maybe that isn't anonymous enough for you?

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  5. first offi want to say im not a part of the plant or the core team. second i would like to let you and your family know how much yall mean to me!! next i want to thank you for helping me on my walk to know Christ. i can admit that im not completly "sold" but continue on my walk daily. it really makes me sad to know people have nothing better to do than say ugly things about you and your family. it makes me wonder if jealousy is somewhat of factor here?!?!? maybe the people saying bad things cant stand the fact that the calling wasnt given to them... how sad. whatever happened to people being happy when something so wonderful happens to others? i will be sure to say a special prayer for each of you....
    and curt - with a family of 5 just like you, i dont know how you do it. i think that it is absolutly amazing that you have such faith in God. i hope that one day i will. you are a wonderful person and great christian man. the devil is working through whoever he can to try and mess with you. stay strong and keep doing what you are doing. tell morgan i love her and cant wait for a starbucks.... i wonder if thats a cult thing?!?!?...lol