Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What?! #6

So, here we go again with the What?! Stuff. The next concern that I would like to address has to do with guidance. Some people have asked me if I have sought any council about the whole idea of planting a church. I think that their idea may be that in my enthusiastic youth, I just decided to start a church because of some hair brained idea. I must say that if anyone ever thinks that, then they are far from the truth. As I began to deal with the idea of church planting early in 2007 I sought several friends who are also in the ministry. Later, after I really began to realize that God might have been calling me into church planting, I spoke with Frank and David, my pastors. Then David and Frank were supportive enough to allow me to go to the state convention and learn more about church planting, and I would like to say thank you to them for that. At that point I knew that God was calling me into church planting. As time went on I sought council from a plethora of sources. In the course of time I spoke with approximately 4 Associational missionaries and former Associational missionaries. Several other pastors and associate pastors, and at least 20 or more church planters or former church planters. Not to mention many, many other Godly men and women who have had a great influence in my life over the years. As a matter of fact I still seek council on a very regular basis in this process of planting a church. I have received a tremendous amount of support and advice throughout this process. Please, if you are at all thinking about supporting Oasis church, and you are wondering if I have been hasty and fool hearted, just know that there are many older and wiser people in my life who give me solid advice. By the way, I do always seek council from the ultimate source of wisdom through prayer. I am committed to do everything that I can to honor God in everything that I do. If any of you who genuinely care about me ever think that I am out of God’s will, you have my full permission to confront me. Otherwise, I’m assuming that you will be fully supportive. Thank you all for your generosity and support.

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