Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What?! #4

Just so you know, this blog will make no sense what so ever unless you read the two previous posts first. Our core group currently meets most every Wed. night. On occasion, we do visit other churches on Sunday’s, but on the Sundays that we don’t do anything at all I have asked them not to go. When you pick yourself up out of the floor, please continue reading. Do I think that church gatherings on Sunday mornings have finished serving their purpose?... No, I don’t. That’s why we will begin meeting on Sunday mornings at some point. But let’s get something straight. We will only be meeting on Sunday mornings because that is the most convenient time for most people. My hearts desire is to eventually offer a mid week service that is exactly identical to our Sunday morning service for those who have to work on Sundays. So what about those people? Will I ask them to also attend on Sunday mornings?... Absolutely not. Part of my vision for Oasis church deals with the importance of gathering times, therefore I will seek to teach my core group that our emphasis should be on Christ and Christ alone, not on anything else. We currently don’t have music or preaching during our Wed. night meetings. I simply teach them. I don’t preach yet. I can see Jesus on the hill now during the sermon on the mount, "alright Peter, pull out the guitar, it’s time to have worship." That’s a laugh. You know what I think Jesus would say to us today? I think he would say, “what do you mean it’s time to worship?” Haven’t you been worshiping all week?... Don’t hear me wrong. I think that churches need to be doing what they are doing. But I also think that they need to be emphasizing that nothing should ever take the focus off of Jesus, and many of our churches are teaching that. However, our established churches would be hard pressed to cancel Sunday mornings to teach that lesson. If they did it may inspire a mutiny… We tend to refer to a church mutiny as “letting the preacher go.” We as a new church plant are afforded the unique opportunity to teach that lesson in a special way, and we are going to take that opportunity while we have it. If we have to be labeled a cult simply because we don’t currently meet on Sunday mornings in order to teach our people what it means to be the church, the bride of Christ, then so be it, label us a cult if you want. But I’m not teaching anything beyond scripture.

Tune back in next time for the next blog in the series “What?!” Where I will address some possible legitimate concerns with my teaching.


  1. I dont think you have to go to church on Sunday to be "spiritual" or anything like that. I think you should go to church whatever day it is meeting, everytime it is meeting in order to grow spiritually, fellowship with other believers, to worship, etc. just to name a few.
    I think with how OC is went about it was confusing though. Members of the core group were telling people "oh we were told not to go to church" I think there lies the confusion and misunderstanding. No reason was given. It was just said we were told not to go because we are detoxing ourselves from the church.
    Place yourself outside of the core group and think about it. How does it sound to you??
    Not too good if you grew up in church and realize and believe in its importance to your Christianity.

    Anyway, all that being said, as I asked earlier, what about the children in the core group???

  2. Tonight in the Core Group meeting, the children sat around with mom's and dad's and listened as we discussed God's word. We prayed together as a group. The babies and kids toddled around and did what kids do. We laughed with each other as we realized "This is just like it was in the New Testament". I want to invite ANONYMOUS to our next Informational meeting on July 16 at the Y. We want to welcome you and answer any of your questions. We want for you to feel comfortable asking ANYTHING.

  3. Okay, I've never been a voice of reason, but perhaps I can help with this comment. I'm posting as 'anonymous' because I don't want you to read this post from 'your side's point of view.' Just read it and think.

    This is keeping us up at night, it's making us get on the phone and talk to each other about it- It's even making us MAD at each other. Let's try to stop that.

    At the end of the day, is Jesus the ONLY way to get to Heaven? At Curt's church, are they teaching that you have to have a relationship with Jesus to be saved? Yes. That- at the end of the day- is all that matters- Not whether the church meets on Sunday morning or whether they 'detox.' I don't go to an Episcopal church because I don't agree with everything they teach...Fine- But at the end of the day, I don't bash the Episcopal church because I know that they are teaching Christ.

    This whole situation reminds me of the Jews and Samaritans. The Samaritans had many traditions that were wrong, even so that the Jews saw them as the end of their nation. Sure, the Samaritans were wrong, but don't forget that even the disciples had to change their way of thinking after Jesus was raised from the dead.

    I say that to say this: Neither group is perfect. I love the church I've chosen, but I'm not accountable to other people. Curt says 'the church' has gotten lost in 'programs and activities.' I say that we are getting lost in the verbage and wasting WAY too much energy over this whole situation.

    Dunked, sprinkled, to drink or not to drink, pre-millennium, post-millennium- WHO CARES???? Teach Christ. That is all that matters. Save your energy. You'll need it to serve in whichever church you choose.

  4. Why is everyone getting so defensive?? All I did was ask legitimate questions about what OC is doing. See Curt's What #1. According to this, his purpose is so people can ask questions, anonymously if they chose to.

    Curt- I appreciate your answers but I'll stop asking questions. Apparently it gets folks a little too wired up.