Sunday, July 6, 2008

What?! #1

As soon as I felt God calling me to plant a church, I followed Him with much hesitancy. At first my delay in following His call was simply because I loved doing what I was doing where I was doing it. Many people knew that about me. But through the process of following God’s call on my life to plant a church I became hesitant for an altogether different reason. I know that in the history of church planting there seems to be a level of controversy that follows most any church plant. Why?... Well, I have my speculations that I may share later, but for right now we’ll just chalk it up to what I think is the biggest one…New church plants are usually different, and we all know that anytime something is different people are hesitant to accept it as valid. Noah, built a boat…different, David was passionate about defending his God even though he was a little kid…different, Paul preached against circumcision…different, Jesus…well…He tore down almost everything known to be sacred to the Jews…very very different. What do all of these guys have in common? Well, if you haven’t guessed yet, they were different. But more than just that they were different, they were not very well accepted. So anyway, church planting is different and not always accepted very well. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand where most Christians are coming from. Of course, some just want to cut the head off of anything that doesn’t look, act, smell, dress, talk, sing or think like them. Anyway, for the simple reason that controversy seems to follow church planters, I didn’t want to be a church planter, I’m not very big on dealing with controversy, I’m not a confrontational type person. But let’s get to the point. Over the past few weeks I have heard a few accusations leveled against Oasis church. The number one accusation and worst so far, is that we seem to have the characteristics of a cult.

The next series of blogs will deal with some of the concerns that have been shared with me by people who I believe genuinely care for me, my family and our church plant. For that reason, the blogs that I will write over the next few days are for two types of people. #1. People who are legitimately concerned about me, my family and the Core team. #2. The core team. The next few blogs are not for people who don’t genuinely care about me, my family or the core team. They are not for anyone who is just looking for some juicy gossip. They are not for anyone who is not willing to at least entertain the idea that I may be teaching biblical truths. If you already have your mind made up that I am trying to start some sort of cult, then don’t waste your time reading this, just keep on spreading your gossip and maybe you will get a life one day.


#1. To address possible legitimate concerns to people who actually care about what we are doing.

#2. To solidify what I have already been teaching to our Core group.


#1. How long will this series be?
I don’t know, I’m guessing about 8-12 blogs

#2. How often will I blog?
I don’t know, maybe once every couple of days

#3. Will there be any name calling?
Maybe…Na, just kidding.

My desire is to help people understand what I have been teaching and what I will be teaching. It’s not to stir up anymore controversy. So don’t get your hopes up if you are looking for some great gossip…I mean, great conversational information.

P.S. If you have any questions or comments, please be honest, don't back down. You can even leave it anonymous if that makes you feel better...that's why I allow that option on my blog.


  1. I pray that as we read these blogs that we will be able to differentiate between our OPINION (or how WE are used to/like doing things)and BIBLICAL TRUTH. May we remember that, as long as we all have the same goal (leading people to salvation through a genuine faith in Jesus Christ), it's O.K. if we all do it in different ways. Let me encourage all who read the blogs to do it prayerfully and with open hearts.

  2. Life\'s tough guys and full of lost people. I was lost but praise God am found. Should my salvation be any more important than my co workers, the persons I meet on the street, my family, the millions of people who are living in conditions in the US and around the world that are detestible and most often have chose that route? People need the Lord; its a simple as that!

    God doesn\'t simply save one and carry on to the next. He becomes a constant that has prepared plans for each one he saves. He loves us. Christianity is a lifelong journey with Christ at the helm. You can\'t accept the gift of salvation without accepting that Christ is going to take you to heights unknown that are meant to bring forth his glory.

    I do not know the heights in which he has chosen to take Curt through this ministry but God does; he knows what He\'s doing. God doesn\'t want to give a vision and have us miss the opportunity. How unfortunate that would be. How unfortunate for us and the lost who may never hear the gospel if we opt out of God\'s will.

    He never once said that living the Christian life would be easy. As a matter of fact, it can be hard. But I can honestly tell you through the hard he forms your character, perserverence, patience and ability to listen for his voice/his direction; new insights into His word are found, a new peace might be given, growth and knowledge for the road ahead and above all satisfaction and comfort and love from a Father of creation. He is not just God to a Christian. He is a Father/a Daddy. Christ doesn\'t form growth and ministry through joy; he forms it through pain and long suffering, patience and determination.

    I grew up in an extremely faithful family; storybook family almost. However, my rebellion after having left the nest brought so much destruction that I\'m thankful to be living today. Not only am I living but I have the joy of a husband, family and the salvation from a God who is working miracles in my life on a daily basis and the future ahead is so exciting.

    God always had his hand on me even when I didn\'t know it or even cared. My, now pastor, came to the house one night prior to my engagement to my husband to visit. Not to invite me to church but just to be there. To show grace. To show mercy. To talk to me about the love of a God who had been in my shoes except He knew no sin. Tempted, yes. Sinned, no. Nevertheless loved.

    I am quite sure of one thing...should my pastor had not been lead by Christ to minister to me that night I may be a just another statistic. Can you imagine how many people Curt might be lead to in the exact same way. People are hurting. You might be hurting. God has commissioned people who are passionate to live as Christ; to reach these people who aren\'t indifferent to their needs and are compassionate to their hurts.

    Curt, you are not starting this church; God is. Certainly there are circustances beyond your desire that will need special care (your family, your living conditions, whatever) but my prayer is that He will provide. He always does.

    My prayer is that those who are indifferent to what our ministry holds might have a softened heart for the lost. Lost people are not just those who are sick, ill, lonely but those who are living in sin, afflicted by consequences of sin, deliberatly sinning and have no out. Forgiveness is not for one but for all. These types of people need someone, not some church. Christ was someone who felt, who loved, who sent others with the same heartbeat.

    Curt, hold fast to the faith that God will work in you for His good pleasure. The door to heaven is wide open.

    * My savior and father who holds the keys to my destiny,

    I pray with a humbled heart for Curt and what he is doing as a direct call from You. I do not claim to know what his church is about however, I do know that there are millions of people that need a Savior and a willing Christian to remove all chains and be freed to do what you would have him to do just as Paul did. It is evident that Curt and his new church/ministry are a product of your own calling and not one of Curt\'s ideas. Bless his ministry, grow his staff, comfort him in times when he is downhearted and ready to throw in the towel because of criticism, keep in safe arms Morgan and the kids. More importantly, bring the lost to this ministry. In the most precious name of Christ I pray.

    I love you guys...Christen

  3. Cristen- please don't misunderstand. This is all about Curt and Morgan.

  4. Ok Curt... unlike the others, I have a legitimate question about what you are doing.
    It seems to be common knowledge that most of your core group has quit going to church. I know you guys have meetings on Wednesdays but no one (with an exception of a few) are going to church anywhere on a regular basis.
    Why is that?
    Doesn't that frighten you? What if for the next year and a half or more these people are so out of the habit of going to worship it's hard for them to attend OC on a regular basis?
    More importantly, What about the children that have parents in your core group? What kind of example is that teaching them? Do they attend the core meetings if so, what kind of ministry is there for them?
    I grew up in church and realized at an early age how important going to church (bible study, worship, events, etc) was. What are these children learning?

    Maybe this sort of thing is common in church plants, I dont know. I can see maybe you and your staff doing this but not everyone.

    Anyway, I look forward to your response and in advance, thanks.

  5. OK, I know I said I wouldn't blog again, but... To the anonymous person who keeps posting ugly personal attacks: Grow up and stop being so mean spirited. This doesn't do anything to advance the cause of Christ. Plus this just fuels their assertion that the church is so bad. BTW-this goes both ways...I don't think that being critical of Harris or its leadership on the blogs does any good either.

    If you have a legitmate question that is ok, but stop the personal attacks. And if you cannot sign your name to it, then it probably doesn't need to be said.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not defending Curt, because I have a number of problems with things that he and his core group are doing, but I have talked to him personally about those things. And I won't post them on the web for the world to see.

    I am asking that EVERYONE start benig civil and stop criticizing people on the blogs (even attepmts at veiled criticisms). It is like your mom always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

    good night!!!!