Sunday, July 27, 2008

Break from the What?!

Well, I just need a break from the "What!?" series, so I figure that you do too. Today, Crosspoint Bluffton, which I am interning at, had their core worship with the some interns in Hilton Head, so we went to Savannah to a churched called Late Church. I don't have time to explain the name "Late Church". Anyway, Late Church is a church who specifically targets college - young 30's. They also meet in a theater, both of which are very much like our vision for Oasis. I must say that it was wonderful to see another church successfully doing what we are wanting to do. We found out about Late Church from Mike and Barb Danyi, a couple who we met a few weeks ago. Mike and Barb are probably in their early to mid 50's and they are passionate about reaching college through young 30's. Many people who hear about the vision of Oasis think that they can't have a part in our church plant simply because they are outside of our target audience, but that isn't the case. We desire to reach all age groups as Oasis church, but our worship style will be designed more for a younger audience. We currently have many people involved with Oasis who are outside of our target age audience, but they are passionate about reaching college through young 30's. We hope to have many more people join in with our church plant who are older and who have many years of experience, so that they can mentor the younger audience which we hope to reach effectively. Are you passionate about God? Are you passionate about reaching the younger generation for Christ? If you can say yes to both of those questions, then there may be a place for you in our core group. Who knows?... Maybe God is calling you to be one of our Mike and Barb Danyi's.

P.S. We hope to bring Mike and Barb up to speak about older people in churches with younger target audiences.


  1. thanks Curt for all you do!
    it's so refreshing to see your
    passion for Jesus and for lost

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