Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sum-up.

Today was our second week in or Flashback series. Last week we talked about what it means to forget your first love. This week, we talked about broken hearts. Here are some highlight thoughts.

-The fact is, most of us respond inappropriately to pain when it occurs in our lives.

-We talked about 4 main questions to face when dealing with pain.

1. Do I even need to respond to the pain?
-Some pain, and some people who inflict pain in your life are just not worth responding to.
-When it comes to people, the best way to know if you should even respond to what they have to say about your life is to determine if they love you, or if they are just being selfish.

2. Is relieving the pain a sufficient response?
-Some pain in life will go away with time.
-Sometimes you just need to cope with the pain until it goes away.
-Many times though, even with this pain, there is something to learn.
-Learn what you can when you are afforded the opportunity. Even if... Especially if those lessons come with pain.

3. Do I need to respond to the source of my pain?
-Many of us go through life just trying to cope with pain as if it will eventually go away. but the fact is, much of our pain stems from something in our past that has got to be dealt with head on.
-Maybe today is the day that you need to determine to get help with the pain that you are carrying around.
-Maybe start by talking with a friend
-Maybe just admit that you need to see a counselor.

4. Will this pain make me better or bitter?
-Pain is a necessity in life.
-God uses pain to draw us closer to Him.
-Unfortunately, pain is a result of sin.
-Is the pain in your life a direct result of your own sin?... Maybe you just need to confess your sin to God, repent, and draw near to Him.
-Is the pain a result of someone else's sin?... Maybe you need to deal with the affects of what their sin is doing in yours and other peoples lives... maybe you need to confront them...

Always remember...
-Pain is necessary-Somehow it fits perfectly into His perfect plan
-Pain is beneficial-You have a choice... Will it make you better or bitter?
-Pain is temporary-one day, He will wipe away all of your tears and sorrows.

My hope for you is that God would disturb your heart in a tremendous way!

I'm tired... Good night!

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