Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday sum-up

A couple of things before we get into the Sunday sum-up.
1. This coming week is going to be awesome! I'm really looking forward to sharing what I feel God has to say to Oasis.
2. Our next series "Partial Truths" is going to rock your face off!!
3. I'm hoping to share very soon about one of the opportunities that we have this summer as a church. Be there this Sunday to find out about it.

This past Sunday we talked about real relationships and how Oasis is dependent on it's members to have real relationships with real people. Here are a few highlight thoughts.

-You can not establish and maintain a real relationship without serious effort.

-Most Christians are entirely too passive when it comes to their relationships, faith and most everything else in life. We are often times willing to pray about anything... or at least say we will... but we are very hesitant to actually do anything.

-You have got to be confident in yourself and in your God if you are ever going to maintain a healthy relationship.

-Needy friends are annoying friends. Suck up your whinny attitude and realize that the world doesn't revolve around you nor should it.... If it did, we'd all be in real deep poo!

-Forgiveness should be consistent in our relationships as believers. However, it seems to be what we lack more than anything else.

-If you want to see a bitter human being just go into most any church in America and hang around for a business meeting. You'll likely hear about how Joe is still mad at Betty because her dad painted the walls the wrong color in 1978... Man, Church people are so good at holding grudges.

-The God that we claim to follow is a God of Love, Grace, and forgiveness. Yet it seems as if our relationships are lacking those three things more than anything... Why?

-Commit today
-to put effort into your relationships
-to find your self worth in Jesus
-to forgive

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