Friday, September 26, 2008

Jesus, the traveler

first off, I'm typing this on my phone so there may be many typoes and it may have to be shorter than I would like. The question posed by phillip in the comments of my last blog was why do I think Jesus came to earth in such humble circumstances and then chose to remain in the same humble state? Well, I think that the qustion answers the question. Jesus humbled himself to show His love for us and to teach us how to act...with humility. So #1 to be the ultimate example. Also, there is some scripture that talks about a camel, a needle and a rich man. The fact is, the easiest way, maybe even the best way to keep your motives pure is to do without... Without what you ask? Well...Anything. Anything that may take your focus off of God. That's where a monks logic makes sense, but what a monk doesn't take into account is that God has designed us for fellowship, not seclusion. I must continue this when I am near a computer. Any thoughts so far?

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