Monday, September 22, 2008

Much Apology

Many of you know that right now I teach music...I had to get a job...I do love music though. Anyway, the reason that I am writting is to tell every teacher that I ever had that I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING SUCH A JERK IN SCHOOL TO YOU!!... Not that I have any kids that remind me of myself years ago... It's amazing what Christ can do in someone's life... if you don't believe me then just come to school with me one day and I'll point out some kids that are just like I was in school. God has done a miracle in my life... If you've never given your life over to Christ, you need to know that He wants to do a miracle in your life too.

We have a staff meeting tomorrow night. I always look forward to spending time with my staff. they are awesome guys.


  1. it is exciting to see what God continues to do in your life also!

  2. I'm sure you weren't that bad, well.......all I can say is you've come a long way from our dating days up until now. I love you!