Monday, October 19, 2009


So Today I was sitting on the porch putting new strings in my boots while waiting on my family to get home. When they pulled up, my wife rolled down the back window to reveal a sweet little girl talking away 90 miles per hour. The only thing that I could understand was Hey Daddy! owjdonvnvnalk jasdlnueuj kjhgunfhwaponzghfgh. You know, even though I couldn't understand anything but "hey daddy", everything that she was saying completely thrilled my heart. Let me ask you this. When you talk to God, Do you think that it's the words or the attitude with which you speak the words that matter the most? Do you think that it's the fact that you give God lip service on occasion that matters most to Him or the fact that even though you don't fully know what you are saying to Him, you say it with such complete adoration for who He is?
God's desire is for us to completely adore Him for who He is. You may say "Well, I want to adore Him, but how can I control what I feel?" My response would be "How much time do you really spend getting to know Him? How much time do you really take to learn who He is?"

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