Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sum-up

Porn and masturbation were that topic of the message today. I know, not the most thrilling topic, but considering the fact that 70% of men struggle with porn and 25% of women also struggle with porn, don't you think that the church should be talking about this issue. Yea yea, But that's just the perverts that don't go to church right?... Um, wrong. These statistics are just the same in the church.... seriously. I can hear some people saying in their holier than thow voice, "But the pulpit just isn't a place to talk about that issue." Well, I happen to think that you would be wrong if you said that. Here is my logic. Church people are struggling with this issue, but no one wants to talk about it because it's just taboo. Well how about this, why don't we forget taboo for a change and think about grace and mercy. That's what Jesus would do, even if he didn't have a bracelet to remind Him. Here's a few random thoughts from today.

-We ALL sustain sexually impure injuries at an early age.

-We have no idea how to deal with these injuries because no one wants to talk about it.

-We'd rather have people in the church suffering through Hell on earth thinking that they are the only sicko dealing with lust, pornography and masturbation; rather than talking about the issue with grace, mercy and love.

-Today's message was not a comfortable message to preach... The cross was infinitely less comfortable for Jesus.

-Pornography, Lust and masturbation is wrecking marriages right now, today.

-For all of those who deal with this issue. Jesus Loves you, I love you and you are not some weird sicko.

-However, just because you're not some sicko, that still is no excuse to not pursue holiness as we are called to by God.

-Here are some practical steps to deal with this issue in your life.
#1. Bounce your eyes. You will see things that make you deal with lustful thoughts. Whether it's a magazine in the checkout line, an email, a pop-up on the web, a scene in a movie or TV show or just someone of the opposite sex at the mall, you will deal with it. But just because you WILL SEE that doesn't mean that you HAVE TO LOOK. When you see something, immediately look somewhere else. Bounce your eyes.
#2. Capture sinful thoughts. When you do see something. do what ever it takes to capture the thought. When you deal with the thought, you can do a lot of things. Call a friend, read the bible, turn off the TV, beat the TV with a baseball bat, unplug the computer, Go for a walk, read a book... Whatever it takes. You can go to and get software for your computer that will email every web page that you look at to a friend. Good stuff! There's a lot of other stuff on that site too for parents and teens and women and men and all sorts of great stuff. If you are dealing with this issue go to this site now!!!
#3. Run for your life. Seriously, run.

-Please, if you deal with this issue, please listen to our podcast. God loves you and He wants you to have a life of freedom.

-I have sooooo many more thoughts, but this blog is already really long.

-Don't justify this sin in your life. I know that it is a struggle, but it is not right. I'm not going to plead my case for this right now but you can listen to our podcast online from today to hear in more detail. then click on "podcast" or just search in the itunes store with key word ocgreenwood.

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