Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Thoughts

Here are a few quick thoughts.

-This past Sunday Eric, our creative Pastor was speaking with one of our teenagers and he mentioned to her that he could use her in the creative area on Sundays. Her response was "I'll do whatever I need to do." That's why I love our church. Oasis will do whatever it takes to see people's lives changed.

-We had some technical difficulties with the podcast for this past Sunday, so it won't be available. I am so sorry, but as a young understaffed church, these things will happen. Just wanted to let you guys know.

-Eric and I will be going to Catalyst conference tomorrow. We will be gone through Friday. I'll be giving updates on Twitter. Please be praying that God will use this conference to speak to us.

-Thank you so much to all of the volunteers in Oasis Church. You guys are amazing!

-I just started the process to be a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishing. I'll be starting my first book in a few days.

-I have an amazing family. My children are growing up too fast.

-On Sunday I'll be talking with Oasis about beginning our first small groups!

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