Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worn down, Worn out...

So I was sitting in the foyer of Chili's waiting to have lunch with another gracious pastor who is chalked full of wisdom, and I noticed that just before the door that enters into the restaurant, there is a worn down place where people have to stop and pull the door open in order to walk through into the restaurant. I just starred at it for a while and I felt like God was saying to me. "You know Curt, in your life there are going to be some spots that are worn down with a lot more stress. but what you cant see right now is that those spots that are full of stress are just like that spot in the floor that you are looking at. They will always exist at those places where you are about to enter into something sooooo good." Just like the worn out spot on the floor at Chili's is just before the door that leads into the part of the building that has so much great food, our stress spots in our life will be just before the doors that lead into times where God will do something amazing in our lives. If you are feeling crushed right now, just remember that just like grapes in a winepress, God crushes you to get the good stuff out. I'll leave you with this quote from Reggie Joiner "God doesn't use perfect pictures, He uses broken people."

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