Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Core Share Time

This blog is specifically for our core group members, but anyone can give some input. As you know, one thing that we want the core group to do is participate in one project per month. There are two basic types of projects that we as a core group will do. The first we call service projects. These service projects occurr when we as a core group do some sort of service looking for nothing in return but simply an opportunity to serve the you know, serve the world is the third part of our four part purpose statement. The second type is called an outreach project, and this occurs when we as a core do something to reach out and try to let the community know who we are. These outreach projects are intended to help us build a name in the community so that we as a church can more easily facilitate you as believers in reaching the lost. So, service projects are for us to serve the world and outreach projects are to help us get our name into the community. What I need from you as our core group are some specific suggestions of service and outreach projects that we can do each month. We can't do everyhing, but we would love to get some ideas. Please leave comments or email us about your ideas. Be as specific as possible. Our first two projects will have been outreach projolects, so November's will need to be a service project. We need suggestions for both types of projects. I love you guys, you are awesome!


  1. Service Projects: Some we do are doing a specific drive from Connie Maxwell.We do a back to school drive and a Christmas toy drive as well.

    Our youth once a month go out to service projects like cleaning up our local community center that our whole area uses. They also go to people's houses who just look like the yard needs some work, clean up, pray for them and encourage them.

    It is good to identify maybe a certain group to invest in. Maybe it is a soup kitchen, battered womens shelter, literacy and after school projects.

    Also, for outreach projects. A few we do and like are going door to door and giving people 9 volt batteries for their fire alarms. Just to say we care and let them know who you are. You can also do light bulbs (show the light of Jesus), football games and hand out free drinks (check with the parks people first). Also, if I was in Greenwood I would give out free ice cream cones in that new park uptown. That place is always hopping! (BTW you will dry ice in the cooler to keep the ice cream frozen)

    Anyways, I know I am not in the core, but maybe these can help. Also, you have to get 101 Ways to Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren.He has alot of material on servant evangelism.


  2. I can remember being at NGC and LOVING the care packages that we used to get after we moved in. If I remember correctly, we got these packages twice a year. They contained the basic needs, deodorant, razor, toothbrush, ect. This is something that could easily be done for our local students and we could even get some other churches to donate items as well. That way, we are all working together, which is the way it should be!!! (I might take High School Musical a little too seriously)!!!! "We're all in this together....CLAP!" Curt is the only one laughing now!