Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's all get stoned!

So I was reading Acts 7 about how Stephen, a godly man, stood up to all of his persecutors and spoke the bold truth. He said very simply that those men had killed Jesus, God's Son. He told the complete truth, with boldness and faith. I'm just thinking that I really need to speak the truth more, and if it gets me stoned, then so be it. If I speak the truth and I get stoned, then hopfully God will have the next Saul standing by watching it all take place. I truly do need to quit worrying so much about getting stoned. Really, I think we all should quit worrying about it so much. Hey, why don't we all just get stoned!?
There is one thing to take note of. The last sentence of Acts 6 seems to indicate that Stephen didn't have a look of hatred on his face. I think that Stephen spoke with severe humility, and we should make sure to do the same.

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