Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Full steam ahead for the movie

Well, it's official. We got our licensed copy of the movie in the mail today. Any of you who read my blog regularly know that we will be showing Over The Hedge this Saturday at 7:30 at the YMCA in our first public effort to begin to build a reputation in the community with families who have young children. Have I ever mentioned that I am so excited about our partnership with the YMCA? I think that I have mentioned it a couple of times...Anyway... The Y is co-sponsoring this particular event with us and we are so so blessed to have them on board. The Y is such a wonderful organization to be partnering with. Gray, the guy in charge of the Y, has such a passion for ministry and Jesus. It is so hard for me not to jump ahead and do more than we need to be doing because there are so many possibilities for ministry when it comes to partnering with the YMCA! I'm in the office right now and I've got to finish getting my thoughts together for our staff meeting tonight. Can I just say that I love my staff! They are awesome. We are going to continue our discussion from last week about vision and direction. Last week was so productive and I anticipate just as much if not more productivity tonight in the area of vision. We frequently speak about how are hearts are broken over the lostness of our community, and that's what I love most about Matt and Eric. These two guys are truly broken hearted about lostness. By the way core group, don't forget your homework. Hey, one last thing, LOVE JESUS AND LOVE PEOPLE...THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

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  1. if crazy means awesome, then yes you guys are awesome!!! I love you!