Sunday, October 26, 2008


On Thursday, many of our core group members spent the evening at the YMCA helping with their community carnival. We wore our OC shirts and had a few opportunities to speak with people about what we are doing. As good as it is that we had the opportunity to speak with some folks about The OC, the best thing is that we had the opportunity to show the Y that we are serious about being a partner with them. For us, the YMCA is a perfect community organization to partner with because they have Christian values and they effectively connect with a huge amount of people in the community. At the event, I had two wonderful conversations with two of the leaders of the Y. They are so excited about the potential of partnering with us and we have got to show them that we are serious about being an asset to them. I want to say thank you to the Y for all the ministry that you do and thank you to the core group for being so willing to do all that you do!

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