Monday, December 15, 2008


Every time that we do something I always get anxious. So many thoughts run through my head. One thought that I always seem to deal with is "what if no one shows?" I always wonder that, and it never seems to be an issue. As I was reading tonight in Psalms, mainly Ps. 136, about all the amazing things that God has done in the past, I felt so stupid because we serve an amazing God and after all that He has done a little canned food drive is easy. Please pray that there will be a huge response with camping for cans. If our God can do all that it talks about in Ps. 136 then imagine what He might do this weekend!


  1. "What if no one comes?" When I did my church plant that was the one thing I said to my wife over and over again. We prayed and prayed, planned and planned, knocked on doors, handed out flyers, put up banners, news paper adds. Sadly for us more often than not was no one came. It was awful and depressing. I pray your experience is different. But, whether the whole town comes or just 7 let God grow you through this whole experience. As awful and depressing as he closing of our church was I would not give anything for the lessons God taught me. I mean the bond that grew between my wife and I, the experience being a pastor, learning how to make ends meet with no money. It was invaluable.

    I will give one word of advice and take it for what it is worth from a failed church planter. Focus on relationships. We tried public events and had little success. The success that we did have came from loving people and investing in their lives. These people loved and invested their lives in others. It is slower and not as glorious as the 500 attendance kick off Sunday,but it did seem to work. So see you have to love and serve the people you have now, because it you stay too focused on reaching others, you will lose the ones you already have. I am not saying cease being evangelistic, just that you can't neglect shepherding the flock that God has given you now. I have been there and done this. I know that each church is radically different. So stay flexible and be willing to adjust to the results that you see or don't see. My church planting prof taught us in seminary "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not break.!"

    Praying for you right now. I honestly can say I feel your pain, and I know at times it seems unbearable, but God will get you through. Never forget Heb 13:5 I will never leave you or forsake you. And keep Matthew 16:18 in the forefront of your mind "I will build My church; and the gates of hell will not overpower it."

    Keep you head up and inspire others by your faith and confidence in God. If you falter in your faith and confidence in God and your mission, the people you serve will see it and they will jump ship. You have got to be the man 24/7. This is not easy. But you you got to do it. Phillip

  2. You guys are totally organized, and I'm very proud of the steps you have taken to bring this thing together. People will show up, nothing you have done has ever flopped!!! You are focused on relationships and that is the entire purpose right now. People who really "know" you are the ones who will follow the vision that God has placed before you.