Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What are you eating?

Tonight I left half of my dinner on my plate in the kitchen to put the boys in bed. When I came back down to finish eating, Morgan was rocking Campbell and my bread looked like a little mouse had been nibbling at it. I new immediately what had happened. Morgan was watching me the whole time and when I looked at her she silently pointed at Campbell because Campbell was asleep. We just smiled at each other. I can't tell you how much it thrilled my heart to know that my daughter had been eating from my plate. At that moment I felt like God was saying so clearly to me "Thats how I feel when you eat from my plate, I just wish it would happen more, because I have so much that I would love to give you."

How often does the father sit down and see that you have been nibbling at His food?


  1. That was really beautiful Curt. I pray that you and I always have good things to feed our children from or lives and devotion to God that we possess. I worry that sometimes our profession feeding others becomes more important than feeding our families spiritually. Let's not let that ever happen, buddy.

    Have a good day and when did you did get involved with wrestling? I loved high school wrestling, of course I was terrible at it.

  2. Hey Phillip, you have my permission to call me out if you ever see me forgetting my family, as I am sure that I have your permission to do the same. I just started with wrestling, it's all new to me but I love it. I'm coaching at CF.