Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random thoughts

Here are some more random thoughts.
-I love reading my wifes blog. She is so good at blogging. I take notes from her often.
-we had staff meeting tonight. Eric and Matt are so amazing.
-Our core group is amazing too. Thank you guys for jumping all over our angel tree kid and everything that we do. I love you guys!
-KG is sick, I've been thinking about you girl. Get better soon.
-Morgan has been sick too but you would never know it. She actually has walking pneumonia...Did I spell that right (Curt thinks to himself)
-Wrestling is awesome
- Wrestling takes up a lot of time.
-I wonder sometimes if the devil laughs at how busy I am... We all are?
- typing on this phone is so annoying!
-Come and camp with us next Saturday for Camping For Cans. It's going to rock!

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