Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are you really fine?

Today as Austin (My brother-in-law) and I were going from place to place just simply trying to meet people in the Bluffton/Hilton Head area, we had the fortunate opportunity to meet a young lady who wasn't so excited to see us. After speaking with her for approx. 20 seconds about one of her coworkers who we were trying to locate, I began to introduce myself. As I held out my hand, which most people in America understand as the universal sign of "hey shake my hand", she looked me right in the eyes and crossed her arms. I thought that maybe she didn't see my hand, so I awkwardly acted like I was just putting my hand on the nearby counter. Any idiot could have seen that I was embarrassed. then I proceeded to tell her who I was and I offered her some information about the church. She then proceeded to give me a "you're wasting my time" look and said "I'm fine." I then said thank you and you have a nice day. After leaving I began to think back on the occasion and realized that even before I ever gave her any inclination as to who I was, she was standoffish. So, my thoughts are this. Why was she so unenthusiastic to speak with me for just 45 seconds or so? Does she not like the coworker that we were looking for? Did someone pee in her cornflakes that morning? Is she just an unusually unfriendly person? Or did she have a legitimate reason for being rude? I know that when life is hitting me hard I tend to be rude. So I like to think that she was experiencing something in life that was making her day not so great. So my thoughts then became this. Why, when we are obviously frustrated, do we fill like we still have to say "I'm fine"? Why can't we just say "I really am not in the mood to hear you speak or take any information from you"? I guess it's maybe a last ditch effort to be polite. I don't really know. Finally my question for you is this. Are you really fine? Maybe you just need to be honest with God, or a friend, or anyone. Maybe you just need to be honest with your spouse?.........dramatic pause as God deals with you............I scratch my chin and look at you....... If you aren't fine, then maybe you need to forget the last ditch effort to be polite, just be honest.


-We are still looking for a place for My family to stay this summer. We thought that we had somewhere to stay, but it all fell through on Monday.
-There is a possibility we will have something by tomorrow. Not exactly what we wanted, but exactly what we need....God knows what He is doing.
-We are constantly adding more and more organization to Oasis Church.
-I have an amazing staff!
-Austin and I are currently staying this week With Carl Martin (Crosspoint's lead pastor)
-We are looking forward to having several people on the core team come and spend the weekend with us and experience Crosspoint's preview service.
-I am totally stoked about all of the support that has been given to me, my family and Oasis Church.
-I am beginning to think that I need to figure out how to do shorter blogs.
-There is currently only One youth in the youth ministry of Crosspoint Bluffton. So gathering a group of young people for the church is going to and has already presented some challenges. It's mainly just relationship building right now....with strangers...and that's not easy.
-There is so much more, but I'm tired and I have a lot more to do tonight and you've already stopped reading this. Good night.

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  1. Your blogs are great!!!! I am so proud of you.....oh, and Matthew agrees. Have a great day and well ALL love you very much!