Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, after several days with no legitimate furniture, one of the families that we have met here in Bluffton finally felt sorry enough for us to let us borrow their extra dinning room table that they had in storage. Morgan was so excited to have a chair to sit in that she has refused to move for the past 6 hours 36 minutes and 22 seconds and counting. She is currently still sitting in the same spot as the picture that you see... So I assume that you know I am joking, but we are excited to have chairs to sit in. A big thank you to Russell Whitfield and family.
Since we are on the topic of being excited about simple things. I have to wonder how often we don't get excited about things that we used to get excited about. um...
-Dates with our spouses...for some, I know I still do, but we don't have nearly enough dates.
-Our you still get excited about your children...they are a gift from God.
-Our Job...Is it a calling or just something that pays the bills?...(these dots are meant to encourage you to take some time to think...)
-How about our spouses in general?...
-Excercise?...I know I have my spells when I get excited about exercising...they don't last long, but I'm not saying that is okay. Physical health should be a priority.
-How about life in general?...Do you ever think "Who sucked all my life out and what do I do to get it back?"...Maybe you could talk to Jesus about that?
-Speaking of Jesus, and I know you knew that I was going to get to him...When was the last time that you really...legitimately...truly got excited about Jesus?..."Man, you cut me deep Shrek, real deep."

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  1. Actually, I AM currently in the same chair! I get excited about life with you, even if you do things the hard way sometimes!