Saturday, June 28, 2008

Screaming...and an update.

So, I was sitting in the chair tonight holding Campbell, admiring all her features. I wonder if God ever looks at us and is totally amazed by his creation…I know that when I look at Campbell I am totally amazed at God and I have to give him the glory for His creation. Morgan once told me that when a mother walks out of the sight of her baby, that the baby cries because she thinks that her mother is gone…forever. I also wonder who asked the baby if that’s why she screams to the top of her lungs when her mother leaves the room….anyway. The point is that a baby desperately desires to keep her mother in her sight, where she knows that she is there for her. I wonder what would happen if we tried to keep God in our sight that desperately. What if we kept our eyes so focused on Him that we knew His every move before He made it. Campbell seems to know when Morgan picks her up if she is going to feed her, or change her diaper, or put her down for a nap, or just play with her. What if we knew God so well that we knew exactly what He was going to do as soon as He started moving? Are you watching God with great anticipation of what He is going to do? Do you have any idea of what He is doing so that you can move with Him? Do you scream for Him when you feel like you’ve lost sight of Him? Do you even care to be in His presence?.....


-The Family and I had company all week with some teenagers from Greenwood visiting us this week. They helped with service projects, baby sat and entertained us. It was great to get to spend some time with them. They are leaving tomorrow. I hope that they come back before the end of the summer.
-The Bluffton area newspaper featured and Crosspoint in an article today. Click here to see it.
-I miss being in Greenwood.

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  1. I bet you never pitched a fit as a child, you were perfect weren't you??? Doubt that!