Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Enemy Territory.

So, this morning as I was walking around in my pajama pants when I realized that I was wearing my USC pajama pants. Now this is usually not a very interesting tidbit of information, but you see, as I was walking around getting ready for the day I realized that I could not leave my room while wearing those pants. Not because they are a little too tight or anything like that, but simply because if I left my room with those pants on I would given definite identification that I am in enemy territory. Some of you may remember that I told you a couple of days ago that I am staying with Carl Martin, the lead pastor of Crosspoint Bluffton, but you see, Carl is not just some pastor. Carl was Strong Safety on the 1981 National Championship Clemson Football team. Austin was gazing at Carl's jersey, football pants and national championship ring just last night. So when I say that I would identify myself as an man who is in enemy territory, I'm really serious. Carl is a great guy, and he just shook his head when I told him I was going to write this blog. It's a blast staying here. But here is my question for you. Is it obvious when you are in the enemies territory? Are you so marked with the blood of Jesus and smitten with a passion for Christ that the Devil knows who's team you are on? We need to be serious. We do have an enemy, and he is in this fight. We better be serious about who's team we are on. I hope that there is never any question about who's team I'm on...What about you?


  1. I'm glad to hear that SOMEONE in your family has some sense!!! I'm sorry you're having to stay with a Clemson family. Seriously, good blog. Thanks.

  2. hey! im with you!