Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just an update

I don’t really have anything to say tonight. So I’ll just give you a quick update about what is going on.

-Me and the Family returned to Bluffton yesterday at about 3:30am.

-Intern Matt and I went to a local FCA rally and made a good contact with the local FCA Director.

-We spent some time today on Tybee Island with Thomas, Sally and Lila Moore, some of our good friends from Greenwood.

-We are all currently sleeping in the floor of our house because we don’t have any furniture yet…it’s kind of like camping…without the fire…

-I enjoyed getting to be with the core group this past Wed. night. It was good seeing you all.

-We had a reality check this past Wed. in the core meeting when we came to the realization that we have 27 youth and children in our core group…That scared me…it isn’t something that we were expecting or that we were prepared for. It is one of those surprise praises though. God is blessing what we are doing and I have to give Him all the glory for it.

-Continue to pray that God will continue to meet all of our needs and that we will follow Him faithfully wherever He leads.

-Thank you to all those who are involved with Oasis Church in any form or fashion.

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